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Business Direct Install Program

Like the Residential Direct Install Program, the goal of this program is to make an immediate impact on customers’ electric energy usage through the installation of high-efficiency measures. Only this program is directed toward business customers.


The service involves trained staff visiting the site and directly installing water-saving devices, such as low-flow faucet aerators, showerheads, pre-rinse sprayer valves and turning down water heater temperature as needed. Installation of up to 12 LEDs and four LED retrofit kits are also included in this service.


While on site the member services staff will also conduct a quick energy assessment, taking a 10-point checklist of the business offering other future energy-saving opportunities.


Business Prescriptive Program

This program was developed to provide financial incentives and information to increase the use of high-efficiency HVAC technologies, lighting, variable speed drives and food service equipment commonly used by business customers. Financial incentives are based on a prescribed amount per technology.


Click below for Business Prescriptive Incentive Forms:


Business Custom Program

This program was designed to aid any retail, agricultural, commercial, school or industrial customer looking to install a variety of energy-saving technologies and projects that fall outside the bounds of the Business Prescriptive Program. Eligible programs will receive financial incentives based on a set formula ($/kWh first year saved) as a means for improving the projects return investment.


These projects must receive prior approval before any equipment is purchased or installed.


           Click here for the Business Custom Incentive Form

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