Electricity is essential to our everyday lives. And it has become so reliable that we rarely even think about it. Electricity heats and cools our homes, cooks our food, cleans our clothes, heats our water and keeps our lights on. It powers computers, TVs, smartphones and the other technologies that are changing the way you connect with the world.


Electricity empowers the homes, farms, schools and businesses that make our communities unique and vibrant. And the local cooperatives and municipals in the Minnkota system work hard to ensure it’s there for you – each and every day.


Through its "Powerful Value" campaign, Minnkota and its members provide rebates for qualifying electric heating, electric water heating and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Contact your local electric cooperative or municipal to learn more about the programs available in your area.

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Minnkota Power Cooperative provides wholesale electric energy to 11 member-owner distribution cooperatives in eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.